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At MobilBid, we like sharing information about our products, practices, upgrades and generally what we are all about. We also like hearing from you. So if you have information to share, questions to ask or stories to tell, please let us know.

As we grow this hub, we're hoping it will become an exciting place to visit, share experiences and stay updated.


Maximize Your Silent Auction Efforts

Non-profits and event organizers are using MobilBid to hold silent auctions that are easy to manage, exciting for their guests and quite simply raise more money - with a lot less fuss. They share their tips with us and we're happy to share them with you.


Five Reasons to Consider MobilBid

MobilBid was designed as a full-featured, highly effective mobile bidding platform that clients are using to improve the results of any-sized fundraiser. So forget those stories about the high-cost of mobile bidding and discover MobilBid. We'll help you reduce costs and raise more money.


A Guide to the Silent Auction Technology Make Over

Technology has revolutionized the world of silent auctions and right now is a great time for an update. We prepared this article - originally published in the Hilborn* Charity eNews - that tracks the change technology has brought to tried-and-true silent auctions and what you can expect from MobilBid.

Hilborn has been updating non-profit leaders on news, trends, tips and analysis of developments in the fields of fundraising and non-profit management since 1991. Find them at


Still Using Pencils and Bid Sheets But Not Looking Forward to Your Next Silent Auction?

A couple of minutes watching this short video will give you the lowdown on how MobilBid can help you set up and manage your next event - deliver an amazing guest experience - close and clear your venue in minutes not hours and most importantly spend less to raise more money.