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1Do I have to download, lease or buy software to use MobilBid?
When you open a MobilBid account you gain free access to the administrative software that lets you build and conduct silent auctions with no up-front fee, administrative charges or annual cost.
2How difficult is it to design a silent auction?
MobilBid was designed as a do-it- yourself platform with easy to use online tools - built to the highest standards - to design and build auctions complete with images and descriptions. Auction items can be broken into categories or lot numbers for convenience. Detailed directions help guide you through the process, and technical support is available by phone or email - 9:00 am to 6:00 pm Monday to Friday (Eastern Time).
3Can MobilBid be used in conjunction with standard bid sheets?
The effort of adding updated information from the bid sheets to the MobilBid platform would make this process almost impossible and hugely impractical.
4How do guests access the auction?
Guests access the auction through their personal smartphone. There are three check in options…all take less than 30-seconds. • Guests can text a dedicated phone number that responds with a welcome and signup link. • Volunteers can add a guest name and contact info and then send an invitation by email or text message. Recipients then simply click the link to access the auction. • A preloaded guest list can be emailed or texted before the event with a link to access the auction.
5Once signed in how do guests participate?
Once bidders have registered they use their personal phones to browse the items, build favorites lists, bid, set bidding limits, receive out-bid alerts and receive special messages during the event. The system automatically tracks bids and sends outbid alerts.
6How do Guests without phones participate?
A special MobilBid Attendant Feature allows volunteers using tablets to enter guest information, monitor biding and keep bidders updated for re-bids.
7We hold large fundraisers, is there a limit to items and bidders?
There is no limit to the number of items or participants. Our platform has been stress tested to limits far beyond what would be encountered during any actual silent auction.
8Can live auction item descriptions be included with silent auction items?
Live auction items that have been won can be added to a guest account and their purchase details can be included on the personalized invoices issued at the end of the event to save time at checkout.
9Are you able to “sell” items through the MobilBid system?
Yes, MobilBid accommodates “buy-it-now” and “multi-sale” fixed-price items such as concert or sports tickets.
10Does MobilBid have a FAN feature?
MobilBid has a “Fund-a-Need” feature to accept donations and add the totals to the closing invoice.
11With MobilBid are we able to show bidding results on monitors or screens?
Prominently displayed, custom leader boards display the auction items and track bidding progress in real-time.
12Does MobilBid provide corporate sponsorship recognition or advertising opportunity?
Yes. The leader board feature provides status updates on bidding as well as volunteer, donor and sponsor recognition with the added opportunity to sell prestige advertising placement to augment funds raised.
13When the auction ends, how do guests check out?
Invoices are generated within seconds of the end of the auction, and distributed via email or text message. An embedded link offers guests optional, hassle-free mobile payment from their smartphone. Once paid, they automatically receive a receipt used to pick up their items. The option remains to pay at a checkout desk by credit card, cheque or cash.
14Does MobilBid store performance reports by event?
When the event ends, the system retains analytics including participant contact information and bidding history by both category and product for future planning and marketing. These can be downloaded in spreadsheet format for further study and manipulation.
15We are a small organization, can we afford your pricing?
Part of our objective in designing MobilBid was to develop a cost effective platform. One that would allow any size non-profit organization to improve their fundraising performance by using the latest mobile technology, and permit larger NPO’s to reduce their fundraising costs without sacrificing features, convenience or performance. We don’t charge a retainer or any fees until the event is completed. For most events pricing is 5.5 % of revenues charged through the system with a minimum of $250. Our fees from larger events are capped at $3500.