About Us

MobilBid is a division of Net Directories Inc., a Toronto-based, Canadian technology company that since 1995 has served the North American academic and fundraising markets while gaining a reputation for innovative technology, exciting products and outstanding customer care.



MobilBid offers the ideal solution for non-profits and charities struggling with the high cost of managing and administering silent auctions. From small school events to large scale charity galas, fundraisers tell us that MobilBid offers them the most easy to use, efficient and profitable mobile bidding platforms available.

Charity auctioneers and event planners are discovering MobilBid to be the ideal complement to their services.

At MobilBid we place a high value on community, sharing information and promoting best practices. We work closely with our clients to define their challenges then provide both the technology and guidance to help them achieve the best possible results for their efforts.

We enjoy seeing our clients succeed and listen carefully to their comments and suggestions. This process is invaluable in helping us continually improve our products and performance.

  • Jennifer Boyko, Event Director & Owner
    “Thank you for introducing Our Forté and our client to NDI MobilBid. The program was easy to use and worked very well for us at last night’s gala. Thank you for your support. We look forward to working with you again soon.”
    Jennifer Boyko, Event Director & Owner
    Our Forté Events, Toronto, ON
  • Ali Burke, Systems Analyst
    “(At our gala…) most people registered on their own and even the least tech-savvy guest was comfortable using MobilBid.  Those without phones were helped by our roaming concierges with tablets so it was easy to keep them bidding and fair to everyone. “That was ridiculously easy!”  Commenting after a first-time use of MobilBid.
    Ali Burke, Systems Analyst
    Southlake Regional Health Centre Foundation, Newmarket, ON
  • C.C.
    "We were especially pleased to have the performance reports at our fingertips.  This feature allows us to do the post event analysis to determine  the most successful items that provided the best return. This gives us the ability to streamline our (item)  requests to acquire the most popular items!"
    Event Organizer
  • Kim Roberts, Alpine Program Manager
    "Admittedly, after 20+ years of running silent auctions,  I was somewhat apprehensive of a mobile platform - but there was not a hiccup The event went of seamlessly.  Thank you MobilBid for all your support.  Your app is brilliant! My favorite part of the evening was watching folks on the dance floor as the display tracked the auction countdown to close…the only things dancing were thumbs."
    Kim Roberts, Alpine Program Manager
    Alpine Ski Club
  • Jacques Gingras
    “Auctions are easy to set up, clients are impressed with the ease of using the program and guests with the fun of mobile bidding on their own smart phones. NDI has introduced a real game changer! We enjoy the streamlined process and have seen a remarkable increase in participation, bidding and results. We are excited to be able to use MobilBid to bring even greater value to our clients.”
    Jacques Gingras
    Signature Pro, Montreal, PQ
  • Jim Giroux
    “After 22 years of conducting fundraising auctions, I finally found someone who got it right! MobilBid is simple to use and the ONLY mobile silent auction bidding system available today that propels your auction into the virtual world with minimal investment. My staff love it. My clients love it. MobilBid has brought a fresh and exciting element back into our silent auctions. Thank you NDI!”
    Jim Giroux
    Auction Depot Calgary,AB